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  • "Ordered Jersey Giant eggs, they arrived all intact and very well packed. Of eight eggs, I have six very fat, healthy chicks in the brooder. Wonderful hatch rate for shipped eggs..."
    Wahoo Ranch
  • "I was very happy with my order of chicks & eggs, The chicks are friendly and healthy and the eggs all hatched with the help of Lisa. I had questions on incubation, she was very ..."
    Damaris Rolon

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     Our hobby is like bird watching, but on a bigger scale. It is so nice to raise an animal that gives something back and times what they are, it is nice to know we can have all the eggs we could ever want.

       Not only do we wish to be self-sustaining, but we would love for our hobby to turn into something more, a family business perhaps. We are not there yet as feed and good husbandry consume a lot of the profits.  I think everyone understands the desire to have a job that you love and keeping that in mind, our current goal is for this to be our primary source of income by 2015 so that we can devote even more of our time to this endeavor.  The one thing we do not wish to lose though is the personal involvement we have now.  Though our farm is managed completely by our family and out of our home, you will find that we practice great customer service and your phone calls or e-mails will not be ignored. Please don't forget to leave Testimonials to share your experience with others after receiving an order from us.

     Above all, we praise God for the opportunities he has given us and remain aware that our goals of a future business will only prosper as long as it conforms to God's will in our lives.

   Please check our new "Available Now" link at the top of the page to see what chicks or chickens are available for pick-up at our farm.  We may occasionally list hatching eggs and other animals there as well.  We also have created a Frequently Asked Questions "FAQ" page for your convenience. 

     If you are looking for chicks in our Web Store and it is not available until a later date, keep checking back. When we set eggs, we will update the inventory in the Web Store if we are able to set more eggs than anticipated. For every 2 eggs we set, we will add 1 chick to our inventory.  Extra chicks hatched will go towards the Assortment, extras or will also be for sale at the farm.

      Check out our links at the top for more information and when looking through our site, keep in mind that all pictures are of our actual flocks, chicks, eggs and outbuildings. We have many more pictures we update on a weekly basis on our Facebook page.  Please do not use our pictures to sell your own chicks or hatching eggs without giving us credit for them.  These pictures are copyrighted.  Thank you for looking!


Information Sharing

We spend a lot of time answering e-mails and phone calls, not only to sell, but to advise as well.  We have learned a lot over the years about hatching, raising chickens and other farm animals.  We are more than happy to try to answer your questions or point you in the right direction if we do not know the answer.  If you are able, please consider sending payment to us, only if we have provided such a service to you.  Even though our farm is not our primary source of income, it definitely takes a majority of our time and there is still a lot more we would like to do with it.  That being said, we wouldn't want to live any other way.  Thank you for your consideration.

NPIP Certification

     All of our flocks have received their NPIP Certification, having been tested for both Pullorum and Typhoid. They have also been tested for Avian Influenza. We also carry an egg candling license and a poultry dealer/broker license.

     We have been raising chickens for more than ten years and have been hatching from our own eggs since 2009.


 Facebook and Twitter

     Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for the occasional deals.  We also keep our most recent pictures updated on Facebook so subscribe today for our latest posts.

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